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100% cotton pad
** Due to the box of cotton pad is thin,so the outer box may be deformed during the transportation. Products sold are non-exchangeable and non-refundable. If you mind for it, please do not place order. ** Limited 2 boxes/order 老牛心语:真正的力量不在强硬,而在柔软之中   NARUKO舒柔美容按摩化妆棉 (60pcs/pack,..
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Buy 1 Free 1! Taiwan Magnolia Up & Firm Hydra Mask 8pcs x2 Original Price RM158 [Promotion Price] RM79..
RM79.00 RM158.00
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Buy 1 Free 1! Tea Tree Blemish Clear & Brightening Mask 5pcs x2 Original Price RM110 [Promotion Price] RM55..
RM55.00 RM110.00
Expiry : April 2023Volume : 190ml..
RM45.00 RM55.00
Expiry : Oct 2023Volume : 25g..
RM59.00 RM69.00
New Launch!
Volume : 50g..
RM160.00 RM338.00
Expiry : Aug 2023Volume : 50g..
RM160.00 RM338.00
Expiry : July 2023Volume : 30ml..
RM160.00 RM338.00
Expiry : May 2023Volume : 120ml..
RM160.00 RM338.00
Volume : 50g  ..
RM188.00 RM398.00
Expiry : Oct 2023Volume : 30ml..
RM160.00 RM338.00
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