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Watsons Showcase

The NARUKO products have officially been launched in selected Watsons Malaysia outlets!

To see which Watsons outlets currently showcasing the NARUKO products, click here.

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[52% Off] 60 Actives La Creme EX
Limited 52% Off
RM188 RM398
[53% Off] Face Renewal Miracle Essence
Limited 53% Off
RM160 RM338
[53% Off] 60 Actives Ultimate Moisturizer
Limited 53% Off
RM160 RM338
[51% Off] 5-D Face Lift Firming Serum
Limited 51% Off
RM208 RM426
[ampm] Wakeup Skin Smooth Washing Powder
Say good-bye to rough & dull skin
RM45 RM55
[July Special] Raw Job's Tears Pore Brightening Essence
Free Raw Job's Tears Lotion 30ml
RM59 RM69